Klugman law firm is engaged in all areas of litigation, insurance, risk management as well as arbitration and mediation.

Professionally led by the esteemed (retired) judge, Yael Klugman, our boutique law practice provides high quality legal services by our experienced, practical and resourceful lawyers.

Legal Expertise


“Corona lawsuits”

We provide several solutions for businesses, freelancers and employees. Please contact us for more details. We’ll be happy to answer any question on legal matters you may have.



Our firm specializes in litigation in a variety of fields, including the business and corporate legal fields (“white collar”). The case strategy is based on the needs of the client and their interests.


Insurance and damages lawsuits

Our firm deals with insurance claims and damage lawsuits, both for physical injury harms and for property damages.
The firm handles complex insurance cases, represents insurers in various cases and in negotiation proceedings.

Conflict management

Our office accompanies businesses throughout their business lifecycle. We provide a unique risk analysis and business management service with the goal of minimizing the business’ exposure, in terms of claim management, so that our clients can save themselves the "pleasure" of meeting with the Israeli legal system.


Mediation and Arbitration

Our mediation and arbitration center is led by (retired) Judge Yael Klugman.

We believe mediation and arbitration proceedings should be considered before legal proceedings, as they provide exact timelines and expedited results which can save valuable time and money spent on endless legal proceedings.

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