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Klugman Law Office is an Israeli boutique law firm, established by Adv. Lior Klugman

Few years later, upon her retirement, Judge (ret.) Yael Klugman has joined the firm, and since then, she leads, alongside Adv. Lior Klugman, the firm’s professional legal aspects.

Judge (Ret.) Yael Klugman, brings with her more than 50 years of experience in various areas of law, which give her a broad and diverse point of view, deep professional knowledge, and the ability to assess legal matters in a judicial point of view.

Klugman Law Office is resembled to an “experts’ clinic” in its practice areas and it has gained impressive legal achievements track record over the years.

The legal staff of the firm has an extensive experience dealing strategically with diverse legal cases and complex disputes, both in court and in alternative ways of dispute resolution.

You are seen, even when you are small
Focus on your goal
fighting for you
Listening to your needs

Practice Areas

Each case has a leading partner and a team that works for you

“We have a big rule that no legal system can make a living from the body of the law alone. The body of the justice system needs a soul, and some even need an excess soul. This soul will find for the justice system in the image and shadow of various value norms, which are based on the overriding principle of doing what is right and good. ”

Your profit from working with us

A comprehensive solution to all the legal needs of the business / company under one roof

Enabling ongoing real-time support and an in-depth understanding of the business environment in which the firm’s clients operate, enabling risk management and a significant reduction in exposure to future lawsuits or disputes


A unique combination of two generations of lawyers

Which produces synergy and a human-professional mix that enables the provision of a unique service to the firm’s clients. The “old” generation brings with it exceptional experience and the ability to delve and grammar, while the “new” generation brings with it creative thinking, fresh energies and high negotiation ability


Personal care by experienced lawyers with extensive professional experience

Without delegating powers to young or specialized lawyers. In this way, professional legal service is guaranteed by an experienced and knowledgeable legal team in the legal umbrella, while receiving a quick response and saving on billing hours that are sometimes imposed on clients for “learning” the legal umbrella for those who have no experience in their field

Examination of cases from a "judicial angle"

Ability to paint the firm’s clients a broad and complete picture, detailing the possible scenarios in the case, and a better understanding of how to avoid possible “mines” and how to convince the judge, a fact that enables informed decisions, based on more accurate, forward-looking assessments

Mediation and Arbitration Center for Resolving Disputes in Alternative Ways

In the business world there is no substitute for efficiency, and time is worth money. The courts are under a heavy systemic burden, which means that many times, judges are unable to study the cases “in depth” and thus, often, suboptimal or unsatisfactory decisions and decisions are made. We are aware of the great frustration of the litigants, the waste of precious resources. Precisely for this purpose, we established in our office the Center for Mediation and Arbitration led by Judge (Ret.) Yael Klugman. Which has been exposed for many years to a tremendous amount of conflicts of various kinds. We offer an innovative approach to conflict resolution, extensive experience and a high level of knowledge in the legal arena in Israel, and experience is known to be irreplaceable